Who We Are

Who We Are

The Good Bears is a registered French Non-Profit Organization that was created in January 2017. The purpose of this association is to promote and to encourage the protection, and the conservation, of all endangered fauna and flora, sites, water and all other natural ressources, either directly or indirectly, by joining other organizations to achieve actions. The association is also aimed to encourage responsible tourism in both the travellers and the host countries.  

The Good Bears will be launching a project entitled #InAWink as of September 2017. It is a year long initiative to highlight 30 different ecosystems that have an endangered species, site or natural ressource. During this project, The Good Bears will also aim to promote ecotourism and responsible tourism as an important form of travel. 

The Founders of The Good Bears

Gabrielle T.O.
Co-Founder & Education/ School Liaison Manager                                
 I am a Canadian Citizen who currently lives in France. I am bilingual in both French and English and I am currently trying to improve my Italian. Over the past two years I have worked in France as a physics and science teacher, which continues to be so rewarding. I have also realized that my passion for exploring and challenging myself is what guides me through life. Ecology and education are two very important aspects of my life and thus combining them during the project #InAWink will be my biggest task. I also enjoy photography, hiking and most water sports which will allow us to have a better perspective of the various ecosystems. 

Joseph B.
Co-Founder and President
I am a French citizen. I work as an Electrical Engineer in an Automotive company in Germany. I speak both French and English and I love to learn new languages. I am adventurous, easy going and positive about everything. I believe it is very important to promote sustainable living because of the current state of our planet. In my spare time I enjoy videography, all sports and eating various foods. The project #InAWink will be both challenging and rewarding as we highlight the various ecosystems, work alongside organizations and visit foreign countries.













Written by The Good Bears